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MV Sofa Arm Table

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⇒  ATTRACTIVE, HANDMADE, QUALITY HOME DECOR PRODUCT. The MV Sofa Arm Table is the answer to all of your chair or sofa needs. Handcrafted out of pine wood with natural gradients, individually cut, beveled, hand sanded and protected by an intricate five step finishing process, the Sofa Arm Table is of the highest quality in living room accessories.

⇒  ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE. This sofa arm table features a non-toxic durable rubberized center insert for more absorbency that cleans easily.

⇒  FURNITURE PROTECTION. No more water rings or spilled drinks on the arms of your chair or sofa.

⇒  PROTECTS COMPUTER FROM OVERHEATING. No more overheated laptops and the rubberized center allows for easy use of your mouse.

⇒  REDUCES CLUTTER. No more unneeded furniture that takes up space.


Enjoy your morning coffee, afternoon tea, or wine after the end of a long day. Feel comfortable having guests over to watch the big game without worrying about water rings on glass or wood surfaces.

The MV Armrest Cover features a non-toxic, durable rubberized center insert providing an absorbent surface that is easily cleaned. It also allows for ease of use with computer mice or balancing your laptop on the arm of your chair or sofa without worrying about the laptop overheating or sliding off the arm and onto the floor.

The Sofa Arm Table is environmentally friendly, practical, elegant, and adds a beautiful touch to your home décor.

More Value NW also offers a 1-year warranty on the sofa arm table.  So it’s worry-free!

Purchase your MV Sofa Arm Table today. You’ll wonder why you hadn’t thought of this solution before.

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